Rent a luxury car in Italy

What does it mean to rent a luxury car in Italy?

Fantastic roads, beautiful scenery and the most fabulous cities to explore.

When you rent a luxury car in Italy you have the world at your feet. From North to South, Italy is packed with culture, fine wines, amazing Mediterranean cuisine and of course – Italian sports cars.

If you want to sample what it is really like to enjoy the “Bella Vita” then there is no better way than hiring an Italian car in Italy.

Who doesn’t dream of driving a Ferrari through the rolling hills of Florence, or roaring around Rome in a Lamborghini? Whether you prefer a “Prancing Horse” or “Raging Bull”, rent a luxury car and enjoy it for yourself.


Big or small luxury car?

The cities of Italy can also be a great place to rent one of Italy´s smaller gems – the Fiat 500 Cabrio.

Quintessentially Italian, you can travel in comfort, style and with great maneuverability around the streets on Milan.

Wherever you are travelling, you can enjoy your surroundings.

In the winter, rent an SUV in Turin with a selection of brands, including Range Rover, Mercedes Benz and Porsche.

You might think that to rent a luxury car in Italy is expensive but don’t worry.

We have cars that range across all prices, allowing you to enjoy the fabulous country of Italy, in a car that makes you feel special, whatever your budget.

The very best experiences you can have: there is no more special feeling than your hands gripping the leather steering wheel and your foot riding the accelerator in a gleaming red Ferrari.


When you rent a luxury car, remember that..

  • The price will be higher than a standard, airport rental car but you get so much more: brand new models, cars with low mileage that are extremely well maintained, a personal VIP service and delivery to any location you desire.
  • Insurance is included within your rental price. Luxury car rental insurance is usually offered in a slightly different way to that of normal insurance, so if you have any doubts, just ask.
  • Your rental car will include a standard volume of kms/miles for you to use during your stay. If this isn’t sufficient, ask about buying additional kms/miles at a reduced rate.
At Europe Prestige Car Rent we take you and your rental seriously, to ensure you have the very best experience possible. We provide a professional and efficient service, both before and after your rental, so that you can simply enjoy the drive.

Turning heads everywhere you go, when you rent a luxury car in Italy, you will truly have an experience that you will never forget, but be carefully please read the Italian Driving Rules before you start!

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